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★★★★★It will stay with me

Absolutely touching story. So heartbreaking at times. But wonderfully told. It will stay with me for a long long time. – Velma D., Amazon Reviewer

★★★★★Highly recommend

As always, Alison Ragsdale delivers a powerful story filled with wonderful characters that capture your heart. SOMEONE ELSE’S CHILD is a story that will stay on my mind for a very long time. I highly recommend it! – Carla S., Amazon Reviewer

★★★★★Emotional must read

Alison Ragsdale does it again. This was such an emotional must read inspirational story. – Beth M., Amazon Reviewer

★★★★★Will pierce your heart

Someone Else’s Child by Alison Ragsdale is a page turner that will pierce your heart and make you cheer for this beautifully drawn family. – Sharon F., Amazon Reviewer


Alison has done it again. She has brought us a book that allows us to fall in love with a beautiful family that experiences heartbreak and brokeness. You absolutely can’t read this book and not have your heart break with sadness and swell with happiness. Alison’s writing is stunning and the chances of falling in love with these characters is 100 percent – Phyllis J P., Amazon Reviewer

Her Last Chance

★★★★★ Beautifully written, emotional

One of the most beautifully written, emotional novels I’ve ever read. An unexpected plot twist left me with my heart in my throat, and I’ve never had to try so hard not to cry! – Soraya M. Lane, Amazon Charts bestselling author of Wives of War and The Last Correspondent.

★★★★★ Get ready to be blown away

Get ready to be blown away by Alison Ragsdale’s Her Last Chance. It is the story of a mother’s love, a wife’s devotion, and the bond that ties a family together. Set in the highlands of Scotland, it strikes a sharp contrast between the tranquil beauty of life and the heartbreak of a decision no one ever wants to make. This is one of those books that will remain in your thoughts for a good long time. – Bette Lee Crosby, USA Today best selling author.

★★★★★ A soul-searching journey

In Her Last Chance, Alison Ragsdale takes readers on a soul-searching journey that asks questions many would hope to never face. With exquisite grace in her writing and the beautiful backdrop of the Scottish countryside, a story unfolds that is unpredictable, thought provoking and deeply satisfying.  – Patricia Sands, author of Drawing Lessons.

★★★★★ Wow. Just wow…

Wow. Just wow… I smiled, I laughed, I cried and then I smiled some more. My eyes are puffy, my nose is running, which to me shows just how amazing this book really is! – Chloe’s Reading Room

★★★★★ I gasped out loud

I cried, many times… So many times I gasped out loud, and I seriously could not put this book down!… This amazing book will feature in my top five books for the year. I just can’t stop thinking about it. – NetGalley reviewer

★★★★★ Worth taking a day off work!

I’m about ready to run my tear ducts dry!… I was doing the ugly cry… I was drawn into their story from page one and had a hard time putting it down to go to bed. My dreams were filled with this story… Worth taking a day off work! – PJP Reviews

★★★★★ Heart-wrenching rollercoaster

WOW! This story was an emotional, heart-wrenching rollercoaster of a ride. Make sure you have tissues close by. I cried and smiled as I read. This was a book that I did not want to put down. – Goodreads reviewer

Dignity & Grace


★★★★★ Poignant

DIGNITY & GRACE circles around a young woman’s journey to unravel the secrets about her mother, and the unexpected path her journey takes.This poignant story delivers all of the familial pathos, love and redemption that I’ve come to expect from an Alison Ragsdale story. I look forward to her encore! – Peggy Lampman, bestselling author of The Ruby of the Sea.

★★★★★ Tender and Emotional

This is a tender, emotional story of how strongly the threads of family and love hold us together. One you won’t want to miss. – Judith Keim, bestselling author of Breakfast at the Beach House Hotel..

★★★★★ Emotionally Charged

DIGNITY & GRACE is the atmospheric, heartwarming story of a young woman retracing the steps of her mother’s last journey, on which she uncovers long buried secrets and difficult truths about the people she loves. Ragsdale confronts the emotionally charged issues of a tragic death with sensitivity, courage, and forgiveness. – Kerry Anne King, bestselling author of Everything You Are.

★★★★★ Mines the Depths of Love and Forgiveness

Alison Ragsdale mines the depths of love and forgiveness in this poignant story that leads readers on a journey of reflection and the true meaning of family. The rugged beauty of Scotland provides a splendid backdrop. – Patricia Sands, author of the bestselling Love in Provence series.

★★★★★Page Turner From Start to Finish

Alison Ragsdale’s pace and prose sparkle in this beautifully crafted tale of a young woman losing her mother and finding herself. In a surprising series of twists and turns, Iona Muir follows the trail of letters her mother left behind and discovers a father’s love far greater than she ever imagined. A page turner from start to finish. – Bette Lee Crosby, USA Today Bestselling Author of Emily, Gone.

★★★★★Heart-warming and Emotional

A very heart-warming and emotional novel about the never-ending love of family and friends and forgiveness. Everyone should read this book. – A Goodreads reviewer

★★★★★This Has Touched My Heart!

I can’t even begin to say how emotionally involved I became and how much I loved all of the characters. Completely and utterly this has touched my heart. The unexpected twists are utterly brilliant, just when you least expected it, another emotional layer gets added to the story. The beautiful details of the setting compliments the story and the whole package is absolutely spectacular! – A Goodreads reviewer

The Liar

★★★★★ Delightful

I found these Alison Ragsdale stories a delightful and pleasant distraction. It’s nice to pick up a book and read a story in its entirety. And, like a box of assorted chocolates, each story has its own flavor. I’m a fan of Alison Ragsdale books, and it was fun to read these lovely vignettes, all with her unique wit and voice.
– Peggy Lampman, best selling author of The Ruby of the Sea

★★★★★ A lovely collection

The Liar and other stories is a lovely collection of short stories that spoke to my heart. The stories take place in a wide variety of places, and the characters of the stories are also an assortment of ages, occupations, and personalities—but all of the stories contain warmth and heart. This slim volume is perfect for reading while sipping your coffee in the morning, or a cup of tea in the afternoon.
– Susan Peterson

★★★★★ So much hope and warmth

Life and all of its remarkable facets are captured by Alison Ragsdale in “The Liar and other stories”. There is so much hope and warmth pouring out onto these pages. Each story has its very own heartbeat. Ultimately, You will be moved.
– Annie McDonnell

★★★★★ An adventure of the human spirit

Although each of these shorts has its own distinct personality, Ms. Ragsdale has woven these stories into an adventure of the human spirit… A fun, lovable, relatable and entertaining read that will impress.
– Denise Birt




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The Art of Remembering

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Read more reviews on Amazon as well as on Goodreads where the Art of Remembering is listed amongst The Best Book Club Books, According to Goodreads Readers as well as a Goodreads Choice Awards nominee.


★★★★★ An exquisitely drawn story

THE ART OF REMEMBERING is an exquisitely drawn story of a talented ballerina confronted with the unimaginable, and her ensuing journey to find the truth. Set in the competitive dance world, this relatable story pulled me in from the beginning, never releasing its grip until the end. You will be rooting for Ailsa with every turning page. – Peggy Lampman, award-winning author of The Promise Kitchen and The Welcome Home Diner.

★★★★★ Gorgeously-written and beautifully told

THE ART OF REMEMBERING is a gorgeously-written and beautifully told story of human behavior under the most catastrophic circumstances. From the prologue to the very last word, Ragsdale commands the reader’s attention with characters that are both complex and compelling. One by one she peels back the hidden layers of responsibility, expectation, and fame to expose the soft underbelly of Ailsa MacIntyre’s life. – Bette Lee Crosby, USA Today best selling author.

★★★★★ A deeply moving story

Ragsdale writes a beautiful tale of choices and fate, all along an exquisite journey through the lives of professionals dancers and what they give up and how they give in. I found myself mining their deep emotions and falling for the very things Ailsa fell for: love, dance, friendship, and the memories they reside in.

Here is a deeply moving story, one woman’s evocative journey through the life she knows and the the one she’s lost. A beautifully woven tale of finding yourself all over again with a heartwarming conclusion that will leave you a little richer. This is my first book by Ragsdale and it won’t be my last. Brava! – Rochelle Berger Weinstein, USA Today best selling author.

★★★★★ Like a Degas painting come to life

The body remembers even if the mind forgets. This is the essence of Alison Ragsdale’s novel THE ART OF REMEMBERING. Reading the book is like watching a Degas painting come to life and finding out what happens to the dancers after they leave the canvas. This is a luminous story about love…for a spouse, a friend, for music and for ballet– it’s heartbreaking and yet joyous. – Amulya Malladi, Best selling author of The Copenhagen Affair and The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You.

★★★★★ A story of self discovery

From page one, Ragsdale brings the reader into Ailsa’s world. As we get to know Ailsa and Evan, we are rooting for Ailsa as she tries to recuperate, a process which involves not only regaining her physical strength but also piecing together her personal life. Spending time with her new neighbor, Sam, causes Ailsa to re-evaluate her life choices and before long she asks herself what role dance should play in her life. This central question propels the reader to the final chapter, which provides a meaningful and satisfying conclusion to this story about self discovery. – Heather Bell Adams, award-winning author of Maranatha Road.

A Life Unexpected

2018 IPPY Bronze Medal Winner — Popular Fiction

★★★★★ A must read if you enjoy beautiful writing

I was reading another book and decided to glance at the first chapter of ‘A Life Unexpected’ to queue it up as my next read and could not put it down from that moment on. A must read if you enjoy beautiful writing that makes you feel exactly what the main protagonists are going through emotionally.

★★★★★ Excellent Read

A well crafted story in the tradition of Alison Ragsdale. An honest believable exploration of soul searching, marriage, parenting and family in the midst of a mother discovering she’s adopted then exploring herself and her origins. The art of story telling was tested by a packed cross country flight where I immersed myself in this book and ignored the elbow being poked in my ribs as the story carried me away. Highly recommend it.

★★★★★ Poignant and beautifully written

Once again, Alison Ragsdale explores the complexities of mother-daughter relationships and this book–as her others–did not disappoint. Keep ’em coming!

★★★★★ This is a lovely read

This is a lovely read; full of descriptive detail that helps to immerse you in the relationships of the main protagonists and the situation that Eve and Jess and their husbands find themselves facing. Alison Ragsdale has a really great ear for dialogue and for the day-to-day ups and downs of married life, and the way that life sometimes takes us by surprise and makes us behave in unpredictable ways. Recommend.

Finding Heather

★★★★★ Women’s fiction at its best

This woman writes lovely books with characters that are so real, you want to know them.

★★★★★ Finding Heather is a great read

I just finished this book and totally loved it!! Loved all of the characters and enjoyed their interaction with each other. I would love to see a sequel to this and find out who get who and how! The authors physical descriptions of the people and town brought great visual pictures to mind and I was so sorry to leave this family their friends and homes

★★★★★ Tugs at your heartstrings

I was totally swept away by this book. I love the characters and feel like I have made new friends. The ending sets it up for a sequel which I can’t wait to read.

★★★★★ Textbook on grief

It has been nearly twenty years since the death of my wife, but the story line grabbed my heart! As I read I was reminded of my journey through the pain of my loss and the joy of newfound love.

The Father-Daughter Club

2016 IPPY Bronze Medal Winner — Best Regional Fiction — Europe

★★★★★ Would like to see this on Netflix!

After the first chapter I knew this was a book I’d love. First, the setting. I love Greece and it was nice to re-enter the landscape. Secondly, and most important, I loved the characters. Totally identified with the lovable, albeit flawed, Elizabeth. Finally, the plot. It was one of those books that I couldn’t put down!

★★★★★ I fell in love with all the characters

I couldn’t put this book down. Seriously. It “took” me to Greece and Scotland and eloquently addressed a controversial and important topic. I fell in love will all of the characters, especially Lottie. Alison has such a way with words- you can tell each one is chosen so carefully and intentionally, yet her writing is so flowing and reads with such ease

★★★★★ Another excellent book by Alison Ragsdale

Another excellent book my Alison Ragsdale. I loved “Tuesday’s Socks” as well, so was eager to read “Father Daughter Club.” I was not disappointed. I love this author’s ability to bring these places and her characters to life in my mind. Now, onto Finding Heather..! Please keep them coming, Ms. Ragsdale.


“…emotionally rich…descriptions…as sumptuous and lyrical as a travelogue. Flowing dialogue…at once complex and believable.”

— Kirkus Reviews



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Tuesday's Socks

★★★★★ Amazing

Amazing to me it is, how a small story about two older people living in a small place in Scotland turns out to be such a page turner.

★★★★★ Don’t pass this sweet book up!

I really loved this book. Maybe because I am getting older, I enjoy reading about older characters that find love and adventure later in life. I plan to read it again.

★★★★★ A coming of age story for a 64 year old

This is one of the best books I have read in a while. There was a touching love story between a 60 ish couple, a bit of the paranormal, a small town slice of live, a world wind tour of Rome and a bastard cat. Who could ask for more. I don’t want to spoil the story but encourage you to sample it. You will be hooked.